Expand on-campus health services with full-service COVID-19 and STI on-site testing programs.

We will help keep communities and high-risk loved ones safe while at school and home with accurate and affordable diagnostic testing solutions.

Lecture Room

When you partner with us, together we’ll fight COVID-19 in communities.

*Same day in select cities

Crowd with Masks

Our COVID-19 diagnostic detects variants, including delta and omicron

Over 700,000+ cases of COVID-19 have been linked to American colleges since the pandemic began. Your institution is most likely facing unique challenges due to COVID-19. 

We are here to support:

- On-site testing services provided by the SHK clinical team

- Courier services 

- Results within a day from an SHK CLIA-certified lab

- Secure online patient portal

- Digital integration: Vaccine management, compliance, and monitoring


Simple, Accurate, Affordable