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Common Respiratory Wellness Test

With only a single swab, the Simple HealthKit (SHK) common respiratory wellness test can determine if a person has COVID-19, the flu, or RSV. Our fast and effective respiratory wellness test eliminates the need for multiple tests or doctor visits and can help patients get the proper treatment as soon as possible.

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10x increase

year over year in flu activity.

(Source: Walgreens Flu Tracker October 2022)

9-41MM flu illnesses 

occur yearly, standard point-of-care tests miss 30-50% of infections.


64MM RSV cases

each year, with 2.1MM children needing emergency care.


What challenges are providers & patients facing?

Who We Are.

Simple HealthKit (SHK) is human-centric healthcare, from anywhere, built for everyone by a diverse team of scientists, engineers, physicians, and difference-makers driven by our purpose of delivering better health for all.

We are committed to health equity for all by making high-quality care more accessible and affordable for everyone.

SHK provides patented diagnostics that are scalable, affordable, and easy to use — whether it be at home, in the provider’s office, or at the pharmacy counter.


How does SHK’s Respiratory Wellness Test work?

Tests for Flu A/B, RSV, and COVID-19

At-pharmacy or In-clinic

Patients receive a single nasal swab at their local clinic or pharmacy

The healthcare provider or pharmacist sends the sample directly to SHK for rapid processing

SHK delivers the test result to the patient’s provider within 24 hours of receiving the sample and can recommend treatment

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