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About Simple HealthKit


Democratize world-class care and bring
health equity to communities that need it most.

Everyone deserves answers. Insurance or not. That’s why we re-engineered testing and built world-class care to work for more of us.


To empower everyone to obtain better health.

Everyone — regardless of insurance or socioeconomic status — deserves to know what’s going on in their bodies. And that means access to diagnostics and treatment. So we are bringing down barriers and providing affordable solutions to empower everyone to obtain better health.

Leadership Team


Dr. Sheena Menezes, PhD

Head of Research and Development

Dr. Jerzy Majka, PhD

Medical Director of Innovation 
& Health Equity

Dr. Kerry-Ann Kelly, MD,MPH


Linus Aranha

Sr. Product Scientist, Product

Lisa Le

Sr. Product Scientist, Clinical

Vicky Chen

CLIA Director

Dr. Mir Noorbash, PhD 

CLIA Quality Director

Dr. Yanyan Hong, PhD

Head of Sales

Lavelle Livingston

Head of Marketing, Enterprise

Rebecca Scheeler

Head of Marketing, Consumer

Derek Fulford

Strategic Partnerships

Kornelius Bankston

Finance Controller and 
Human Resources

Stephanie Nelson

Our Investors

Knowing your health should be easy. It’s that simple. 👋

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Better health for all.

It’s that simple. 

If you believe in our mission to fight for health equity, reach out to us! 🙌