Challenge: Facing the Reality of STI Care

Imagine the following scenario: Willie, a young gay man, receives a positive STI test result. His heart races as he considers next steps. Should he go to see his primary care provider? How much will treatment cost? What if someone he knows sees him there? The anxiety mounts.

Every year, millions like Willie face similar dilemmas. The traditional journey to STI care is fraught with barriers:

  • Inconvenience and Time: For many, visiting a clinic means long wait times and disruptions to one’s daily routine. Imagine sitting in a doctor’s office for a whole afternoon, anxiously waiting to be seen.
  • Privacy Concerns: In candid interviews, college students often share that they avoid visiting their on-campus clinic for STI testing out of fear of being recognized by their peers.
  • Fear of Judgment: Our patients have told us they hesitate to go to their primary care provider out of fear of being judged. For many communities, the perceived social stigma can be palpable—both within and outside of medical settings. From whispered conversations to overt discrimination, many worry about judgment both within and outside medical settings.
  • Cost Barriers: In our current healthcare system, where costs are often obscured, the financial implications can be daunting. The lack of clear pricing information and affordable treatment options can deter individuals from seeking the care they need.

This is why at Simple HealthKit we offer free consultations for patients with positive STI results. Our mission is connecting patients patients to answers, to high-quality care, to peace of mind. We design our solution to be fast, accessible from the privacy of home, and offer complete transparency about costs.

The Patient Experience

From testing to care, we’ve built a patient experience that’s:

  • Human-centric: Every element of our design caters to the human experience. By focusing on human needs and aspirations, we create solutions that resonate.
  • Simple: Healthcare can be riddled with confusing jargon and convoluted processes. We strip away the complexity and lead patients directly to what matters most: quality care.

Clinically-Driven Collaboration

The Simple HealthKit journey begins with a team of dedicated doctors, ensuring our processes are clinically sound. Our doctors work with our designers, developers, clinical operations team, and product scientists, each bringing their expertise to deliver a trustworthy and friendly experience. From crafting clinical protocol to multiple rounds of testing the user experience, this collaboration ensures that our solutions are both innovative and medically sound, guaranteeing the best care possible for every patient.

Key Design Decisions: Forging the Path to Effective Care

Our Telehealth program’s efficacy stems from several patient-centered decisions:

  • Simple Results: We empower our patients with easy and straightforward results and guidance. Clarity and simplicity are key in ensuring that the patient understands their results and feels empowered to take the next step.
  • Streamlined Telehealth Intake: Our cross-functional team collaborated to improve speed to connection by cutting down the amount of information patients must provide when scheduling a follow-up consultation. A patient can complete our intake process and notify a provider within 5 minutes. This means no more time wasted waiting on the phone or at the doctor’s office.

  • Education and Prevention: For patients who test negative for STIs, our care does not just end with straightforward results. Take our collaboration with public health departments as an example. When a patient views their results, they will also find a list of resources on accessing preventative measures such as PrEP, PEP, and free condoms. We go the extra mile to provide guidance because we believe there is power in information and our patients deserve nothing less.

Impact: Patient Stories

Since the launch of our telehealth service, we’ve seen a notable overall satisfaction score of 4.5 out of 5 and an experience with the provider score of 4.7 out of 5. One user expressed, “I like the amount of control that I felt I had during this crazy time. The feedback is quick. I feel like I matter. Thank you for the experience.” Another valued the service for being “discreet, quick, and so efficient.” These words from our patients reflect the core values of our telehealth service—putting control in the hands of patients, delivering swift and swift, compassionate care and treatment, and ensuring every individual feels valued throughout their health journey.

Iteration: Evolving with Feedback

From the building process to delivering outstanding service, feedback, and empathy are the heartbeat of Simple HealthKit. It informs our decisions, drives our iterations, and validates our mission. From regular surveys to one-on-one patient interviews, we employ a proactive approach to collecting feedback that helps us continue to improve our products and services. And it doesn’t just end at collection; we are committed to implementing changes, refining our designs, and consistently enhancing the patient experience.

Since the launch of the program, we’ve made several improvements based on the feedback we receive from our patients and medical team.

  • Timely reminder emails: Recognizing that our patients lead busy lives, we implemented a system of timely reminder emails. These reminders encourage patients to be the driver and stay on track with their health journey.
  • Preparing the patient to get a phone call from the provider: No one likes receiving a phone call out of the blue. A crucial point of feedback came from our providers, who reported instances where patients would not answer their calls, likely suspicious of spam. To combat this, we added an instruction at the end of the intake process for patients to save our number in their contacts. Accompanied by a clear note, we ensured patients knew this essential call would be coming.

Our dedication to iterations ensures that our patients’ voices are not just heard but acted upon, carving a path for a brighter healthcare future.

At the heart of every feature lies our unwavering unwavering commitment to ensuring that no individual is in the dark about their STI status or left without guidance. Together, we’re not just improving a process; we’re reshaping the very essence of healthcare for the better. To be human-centric and simple. Join us in this transformative journey.