Looking back on our achievements in 2023, we’re fueled with excitement for the year ahead. Committing to providing better care for anyone, anywhere, we present Simple HealthKit’s aspirations for the new year! From growing our team to forming impactful partnerships and advocating for important health causes, each point reflects our dedication to making a positive impact. Join us as we strive for better health for all in 2024!

  1. Continue to provide access to better care to anyone, anywhere.
  2. Keep on growing our phenomenal team! Keep your eye on our careers page for future opportunities in the new year.
  3. Broaden our impact by strategically partnering with health brokers to help more people.
  4. Seize speaking opportunities that make a difference – Catch our CEO, Dr. Sheena Menezes, on stage at ViVE in February!
  5. Give priority to increasing colon cancer awareness, highlighting its crucial role in health advocacy.
  6. Expand with more major retailers.
  7. Drive education initiatives for underserved populations on crucial health topics such as sexual wellness, respiratory health, and general wellness.
  8. Channel thought leadership through our esteemed clinical advisors, including Kerry-Ann Kelly, MD, MPH, Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Saquib Rahim, MD, MBA, Board Certified in Internal Medicine.
  9. Extend reach through distributor partnerships like Afaxys, dedicated to affordable healthcare access.
  10. Amplify our influence within minority populations.
  11. Continue to innovate our digital diagnostic services, which deliver critical technology innovation so that timely detection and world-class care can reach anyone, anywhere.
  12. Collaborate with more health plans – did you catch our 2023 announcement with Imperial?
  13. Continue to expand with Walmart –  we’re already in over 1200 stores!
  14. Elevate Direct-to-Consumer access and awareness directly through our website in our shop.
  15. Team up with pharmacy retailers who share our mission of access to timely answers and treatment.
  16. Forge new College/University partnerships.
  17. Attend RISE National and other pivotal networking opportunities.
  18. Expand our friend list on social media –  Follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook!
  19. Work with more government / public health entities to help more people.
  20. Advocate for the importance of STI testing and endorse the mission to eliminate HIV by 2030.
  21. Extend our current partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).
  22. Introduce new programs to our stellar lineup.
  23. Reunite the entire SHK team together in person again!
  24. Provide better health for all. It’s that simple.

Excited for more in 2024!

Curious to learn more about our exciting journey and aspirations for 2024? Visit us at SimpleHealthKit.com for an in-depth look.

Have questions or want to get involved? Contact us, and let’s talk — your involvement makes a difference in our mission for better health for all!